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Bumgarner Gamefowl ---The Best American GameFowl

Sweater Reds
Bruner & Cowan Roundhead
Red Quill
Bumgarner Warhorse
Spangled Hatch
Leiper Hatch
BlueFace Hatch
Bumgarner Blue BattleHorse

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Gamefowl are more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, it's the way I see man and fowl in a fight to live, die and celebrate our God given rights of life. We are both in a struggle for our very existence and for what freedoms we may have left. Many people would see this noble bird pushed into extinction by animal rights activists and others who would put animal rights above human rights which in the long run will hurt the very creatures they pretend to protect. Their long term goals are money, power, and the abolition of the rural life style. If you give rights to a dog or cow, then you must protect the roach and flea as well. I never kill even a bug for no reason. I respect all life but I do realize that man has dominion over other animals and plants.
 In this site, I've assembled some of my favorite photographs.  I hope you enjoy.
God Bless.

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My goal is to keep the game fowl strong and pure. I am a very small breeder with only a minimal impact on this worthy cause. My birds are carefully selected and in most cases single mated.  Bitter game blood which my first priority. Conformation, health and beauty will follow with careful proven breeding methods. These are heirloom breeds with a history in the show circuit.
I do sell a few game fowl for legal purposes only and encourage others to help perpetuate this great chicken which was only a  vote short of being our National Bird.
I have a few select fowl and at times. I do not ship. Local pick up only.  Young Stags start at $100.  Please email me for details. We do not ship.
If you love not donate to organizations that kill chickens.!

Sweater Gray

Spangled Leiper Cock
1 year old Stag.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

$120 for stag or pullet.

Singled Mated - Hand Raised - Pure Bitter Blood

Irish Whitehackle
Irish Whitehackle