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Why Bother? .... The Gamecock is worth saving!                     

Recently the corrupt political climate and animal activists have declared war on the rural life style and the core beliefs of true Americans. The US Constitution and moral beliefs of the founding fathers should be our only guide. Do not follow Europe and others down the path of moral and economic decay leading to the eventual  loss of our freedoms and rights.  Diversity is loss of identity. Diversity is like cross breeding fowl with no plan or goal.

On this site I simply want to promote game fowl from old proven bloodlines. We can save these birds if we watch how we vote and stand up to unconstitutional attacks from organizations like the HSUS.


Cock fighting is not legal. I do not sell for illegal purposes. References to cock fighting are in the interest of history and meant to be a reference to raising and protecting out great American Gamefowl.

Phone me in SC 803-331-0269 leave message.

Old Bloodlines that I will discuss here:

Bruner Roundhead

Cowan Roundhead

Golden Birchen


Irish Whitehackle
Irish Red Pyle

Lohman Whitehackle

North Briton Whitehackle

Red Quill

Yellow Birchen

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